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Our first PCOS Summit is one for the books and we couldn’t be more grateful to all the experts who joined us in September in celebration of PCOS Awareness Month. We’ve had great feedback both from our audience and our speakers, who have loved connecting with you!

Today it’s time for a bit of a recap and we’d like to share the 5 fan-favorites with you! Read on and if you’ve attended PCOS Summit live: Has your favortie talk made our list?

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But now without further due: Here’s the fan-favorites from PCOS Summit 2020!

Julie Duffy Dillon: PCOS & Food Peace – Why Dieting Is Not the Answer

Lyndesy Harper, MD: PCOS & Sexual Wellness

Jerrine Morris, MD: PCOS & Fertility – Everything You Need to Know

Sharon Reid: Permanent Laser Hair Removal – An Introduction to Electrolysis

Jessica Diana: PCOS Advocacy on YouTube & Beyond

While those were the 5 most popular talks among our audience this year, there’s a lot more to discover and learn. If you want to browse our archive and get access to the full playlist of talks from PCOS Summit 2020, join us below!

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